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Hormel Taco Night!
I like to use my hormel beef taco mix with tortila chips, the beef, cheese sour cream, black beans and jalapeño yum!! The recipe is about two cups Tortila chips of your choice a few spoon fulls of the beef a 1/2 cup of cheese two tbsp sour cream some jalapeño pepper rings as many as you like and a few tbsp black beans then heat in microwave 30 seconds until cheese melts! It's so good! #TacoGoals @influenster #CheersVoxBox it was a free coupon for hormel meats all opinons are my own and it was for testing purposes :)

I got a sample pack of waybettersnacks in my #CheersVoxBox complimentary to try free and my opinons are my own! But I loved them! I shared them at work with friends and they really liked them too! Wanted to know where they could buy them' they had a little kick but was very good I will definitely be buying them! Great item and they was gluten free so I really liked that' I have Celiac and have to eat gluten free!

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Yes it is the pills at the end of the pack I have taken all of the ones with hormones in them and never missed any! They are the inactive pills where I should be starting but still nothing!